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The Gurung (Tamu) is one out of 59 indigenous Nationalities of Nepal recognized by the Government of Nepal by the National Foundation for Development of Indigenous Nationalities (NFDIN) Act, 2002. According to the Population Census of 2001, the population of the Gurungs is 543,571 consisting 2.43% of the total population of Nepal standing at 23,151,423 The Gurungs were originally nomadic hunters, and engaged in highland pastoralism. It now has the highest percentage of migration among the ethnic groups of Nepal. This is due to the scarcity of food, economic imbalance, and the environmental pressures in the high hills. In order to cope with the situation, a big number of Gurungs migrated to different parts of Nepal including the low lands of Terai.

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The Gurung community has its own separate identity due to its unique culture. The Gurungs predominantly practice ancient Bon religion, which is shamanistic and animistic in nature, similar to the pre-Buddhist Bon religion of Tibet. The Gurungs later came to adopt the Tibetan Buddhism.

The establishment of Gurung organizations did not take momentum until the 1990s due to the undemocratic administrative policy of the country. However, such organizations did exist in the 1950s as evidenced by the Gurung Welfare Associations among others. It was mainly due to the two People's Movements

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